The Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention (CCDP)

The Centre is based at the Cairns campus of James Cook University and is committed to working with health services and communities in Far North Queensland to improve the management of chronic disease, particularly diabetes, heart and renal disease.

The Centre receives funding from Department of Health, Queensland and includes the Centre for Research Excellence: Prevention of chronic conditions in rural and remote high risk populations (funded through the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute)

The Centre undertakes research related to prevention of chronic diseases in the community and improving primary health care practice and care pathways for chronic disease.

Our goals are to:

  • find ways to minimise emergency department visits and hospital admissions, leading to improved individual and family quality of life and reduction of costs to the health care system
  • help change community and individual attitudes to health risks and encourage healthy eating and physical activity, while minimising risky behaviours  such as drug and alcohol misuse
  • support change in health systems to improve patient outcomes and have a family centred focus
  • produce high-level evidence of the value of health system changes
  • develop a research group with unique skill sets and focus

Reduce disease

Trial new methods of primary health care in hospitals and medical practices in Far North Queensland communities. Track associated reduction in emergency department attendance and hospital admissions.

Reduce risk factors for
chronic disease

Community based interventions to reduce risk of chronic disease.  These will include the quality of the food supply and food merchandising, together with promotion of physical activity.

Understand the health
trends in remote populations

A series of cohorts are being created to track prevention and management of chronic conditions in rural and remote high risk populations. 

research capacity

Encouraging new generations of researchers to establish their careers in Queensland. Direct funding, support and training to research activities in community settings and at local health services.

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